Solved vs Unsolved Papers: Assistance vs Assessment

On the occasion that a student cannot solve a question solitarily, they feel frustrated and hopeless. When even their parents, teachers, book and friends cannot assist them, what shines the brightest is a solved example of the problem.
Solved and Unsolved Examination Papers:
The examination papers available over the internet are of two broad types:
• Solved: As the name suggests, solved question papers demonstrate one or more than one method of solving a given problem. Individual websites may provide different solutions worked out by experts associated with that website. Additionally, other sites may offer a solution delivered by an individual not correlated with them. Previous years’ papers and solved versions of sample papers belong to this category.
They can be of two varieties:
> The papers provide the entire solving process.
> They mention only the final solution, not showing the process.
• Unsolved: These visit website include sample assessment sheets that a student can take to check the progress of their studies. Although an exemplar may already exist, often, the data are changed to make it an entirely new question.

Availability over the Internet:
There are countless websites accessible over the internet that offer both solved and unsolved question papers. Some of them include:
• Ncert Help
11 plus exam papers
• Embibe
• Exam Fear
• Etoos India
• Extra Marks
• Doubt Nut
• Class Notes
• A Plus Topper
• Byjus
• Learn Net
• Toppr
• Udemy
• Videos 4 Download
• Quiz Next
• Edu Fever
• Careers 360
• Amazon
• Explore Learning
• Google Books
These sites include IMO, NTSE, MTSE, NSO, GL Papers and many more.
Advantages of Solved Papers over Unsolved Ones:
Papers that provide solutions have considerable benefits over the unsolved ones. They are:
• These papers show the entire solving process of a problem, starting from the first step to the final one. Hence, they can act as a reference at any time.
• They provide statements and hints accompanying the solution, making it easier for students to comprehend the shown answer.
• It helps represent the thought process invested behind the solving procedure.
• It demonstrates the different ways to solve a single problem or question. Students can choose the one which suits them the best from among those.
Disadvantages of Solved Papers over Unsolved Ones:
There is only one drawback of solved papers. It lies in the fact that one cannot use them to test any progress. Unsolved papers provide the platform to assess the extent to which a student has comprehended and applied the acquired knowledge of a subject for a question. However, solved sheets leave no place to do so.
Even though solved and unsolved papers may have their pros and cons, both are essential for ample examination preparation. Only with regular practice and hard work can one succeed.
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